About the BGA

The British Geophysical Association is a Joint Association of the Geological Society of London and the Royal Astronomical Society. Its aims are to promote the subject of geophysics, and to strengthen the relationship between geophysics and the other natural sciences in…

Science meetings

Summary of BGA-sponsored meetings: 11-12 February 2016 – BGA New Advances in Geophysics meeting – London Integrated analysis of geophysical datasets for enhanced imaging of the Earth NAG2016_Program_Final 15-20 May 2016 Seismix – Aviemore (Also see the details tab) Summary of other meetings:…

About the committee

Greetings from the committee! The aim of the BGA is to promote the subject of geophysics, and particularly to strengthen the relationship between geology and geophysics in the UK. We support scientific meetings and courses, encourage the publication of results and research and…



EAGE Erasmus award 2016

Congratulations to Anton Ziolkowski for winning this year’s  EAGE Erasmus award! Details on the award and Dr Ziolkowski’s work can be found here on the EAGE website.


PDR Position – Durham

WHAT? Postdoctoral Researcher on modelling global volatile cycling and mantle dynamics WHERE? Durham BY WHEN? 21st May 2016 DETAILS: We seek a postdoctoral researcher with geodynamical modelling experience to study the volatile exchange between the deep Earth and the exosphere…

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Post-Graduate Newsletter

Check out the new edition of the Post-Graduate Newsletter here.


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