New Advances in Geophysics meeting 2018

Joint meeting of the BGA and NSGG

WHEN: 1st-2nd February 2018

WHERE: RAS, Burlington House, London


Geophysical answers to global security challenges

In an ever changing and evolving political environment, global security will remain at the forefront of international discourse for many years to come. High-resolution monitoring, timely assessment and accurate interpretation of security-relevant events in the geosphere will be vital for building and maintaining trust between peoples and nations. The application and development of a diverse range of geophysical techniques to this global challenge is the focus of the 2018 New Advances in Geophysics (NAG) conference, which will be jointly organised by the British Geophysical Association and the Near Surface Geophysics Group of the Geological Society.

Evolution of new technologies and threats, and advances in covert operations mean that we need novel methods of monitoring the geosphere, and intelligent ways of analysing and interpreting geophysical data. There is a diverse toolbox of techniques that we, as a scientific community, can use to address relevant questions and issues:

  • Global seismic monitoring and numerical modelling of nuclear explosions and other events of interest
  • Satellite-based geophysical monitoring of sites of interest
  • Development of UAV-borne geophysical survey platforms for challenging and unsafe environments
  • Application of archaeogeophysical methods to site inspections
  • Environmental impacts of testing and storage of nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons
  • Application of industry techniques such as 4D seismics to model changes in subsurface characteristics following underground explosions
  • Many more…

On behalf of the BGA and the NSGG, the conveners invite you to contribute papers on this theme to the 2018 NAG meeting. We also welcome contributions with a different scientific focus, but which use methods or techniques that may have potential for application to this topic.


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