Upcoming meetings

2017 BGA Postgraduate Research in Progress meeting (PGRIP)


University of Aberdeen

31 August – 1 September 2017

The BGA holds an annual 2-day postgraduate research in progress meeting for postgraduate students studying in the UK and abroad. The meeting enables geophysics students to meet and share their research in a relaxed and supportive environment. The 2017 edition of the meeting will be in the granite city and is sponsored by the University of Aberdeen and BP.

The website of the Postgraduate Research in Progress meeting 2017 is online for further information.



2017 Building Resilience to Geohazard in the Face of Uncertainty

Geological Society – Burlington House – London

7-8 September 2017

There is growing recognition of the role that science and scientists can play in reducing disaster risk and building resilience to geohazards, especially when working with people from other research disciplines and various stakeholders, including communities at risk. This often needs new ways of working, potentially in complex settings and difficult environments, to achieve positive and sustainable change.

 This two-day meeting at the Geological Society aims to capture the increasing activity in this area and provide a platform for the discussion of new results from major multi-disciplinary programmes involving researchers who are taking up the challenge to understand geohazards, manage risk and increase resilience in the face of uncertainty in the hazards and vulnerabilities. It will bring together the physical and social scientists and other experts to address the role that geoscience and geoscientists can play in building resilient communities and informed policymaking, into the future.

For more information go to https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/buildingresilience17


2017 Plate Tectonics at 50 – William Smith meeting of the GeolSoc

Burlington House – London

3-5 October 2017

On the 50th anniversary of the advent of the paradigm of plate tectonics, this three day meeting is convened to examine the state of the art and scope out new directions.

For more information please visit the meeting website



2018 NAG

The BGA NAG meeting will be on the 1st & 2nd of Feb 2018. This will be run as a joint meeting with the Near Surface Geophysics Group (NSGG). Meeting location and further details to be announced.