Bullerwell Lecture Nominations Open

The nomination process for the BGA’s Bullerwell Lecture is now open. See the Awards section for more details.

PGRiP 2019

Register by 9th August for the Postgraduate Research in Progress (PGRiP) meeting in Bristol to be held on 29-30 August. See Upcoming Meetings for more details.

BGA Image Competition Open

The BGA image competition is now open! For more information, see the Awards section

Bullerwell Lecture at EGU

Dr. Sanne Cottaar from Cambridge University will present the Bullerwell Lecture at EGU at 19:00-20:00, Thursday 11th April, room F2, Austria Centre.  Dr. Cottaar studies the structure, composition, and dynamics of the deep Earth, and their relationship to surface processes and planet history. The talk abstract can be found at:

Congratulations to RAS Prize Winners

Congratulations to Prof. Kathy Whaler (University of Edinburgh) for winning the RAS Service Award and Dr. Tim Craig (University of Leeds) for winning the RAS Winton award G! Congratulations also to Sierd Cloetingh, who became an Honorary RAS Fellow. The full awards list can be found at:

Philip England wins Bucher Medal

Congratulations to Prof. Philip England (BGA Bullerwell lecturer in 1999 ) for being awarded the AGU Walter H. Bucher Medal – see

Outreach Funding

The British Geophysical Association invites applications for funding for public outreach activities to promote understanding of, and engagement with, any area of geophysics. For more information go to Outreach and the menu and select ‘funding’.

PGRIP 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to the award winners at the 2018 PGRIP meeting in Cardiff. To see the winners list visit

Sanne Cottaar awarded 2019 Bullerwell Lecture

Sanne Cottaar from the University of Cambridge will be the Bullerwell Lecturer for 2019. This lecture, to be given by ‘An outstanding early career British Geophysicist’ has been presented each year since 1981 and is one of the principal events in the British Geophysical Association calendar. For more details about Sanne’s research, see

Phil Christie Wins Schlumberger Award

Phil Christie, a former Bullerwell lecturer, has won the Conrad Schlumberger award of EAGE. For more information see

The citation reads:

Phil Christie is a geophysicist with a rare and impressively broad understanding of both geology and geophysics. His widely-disseminated research has had a lasting impact on sedimentary basin subsidence analysis and reservoir science. Phil has had an outstanding career in Schlumberger since 1972, with a break for PhD and post-doctoral research at Cambridge, 1975-1980, and secondment to BP Exploration, Aberdeen, 1996-97. Since 2000 Phil has been Scientific Advisor at Schlumberger Cambridge Research. Underlying many of his major achievements are his innovations in instrumentation, data acquisition and data processing and his collaboration with academia.
Among his numerous achievements we mention three. His 1980 JGR paper with John Sclater on the mid-Cretaceous subsidence of the North Sea become a standard reference for basin modelling studies with almost 2000 citations. Phil jointly coordinated the BP-Shell-Schlumberger time-lapse seismic project in BP’s Foinaven field, which quantified the repeatability of seismic data from both towed streamer and the first working seabed array, demonstrating the ability to monitor fluid flow and pressure changes in the reservoir following production. After the 2004 Sumatra earthquake and tsunami, Phil helped design and implement a deep seismic experiment offshore Sumatra, which for the first time allowed the subducting plate to be imaged down to 50 km depth, leading to 5 PhDs and 15 papers in peer-reviewed international journals.
For his outstanding ability to enhance the understanding of earth properties through scientific research and innovative geoscience technologies, his exceptional expertise in geophysics, reservoir science and geology, his advisory and leadership role in the scientific community and his lasting impact on the understanding of petroleum systems, EAGE is delighted to present the 2018 Conrad Schlumberger Award to Phil Christie.



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