Image Competition


The winners of the 2018 BGA image competition are:

1st: Rich Jones (Durham University): “Retrieving science toys amongst the sea ice. Ocean monitoring equipment can be left for weeks to years, but at some point need to be retrieved. This time the ship had to calve up the sea ice in order to access the prize, which then just needed to be cautiously hooked from the side of the ship.”


2nd: Ben Davenward (Keele): “From my recent fieldwork and subsequent processing in Skaftafell National Park, where I carried out UAV and EM-31 surveys over dead ice topography in order to identify the horizontal extent of buried ice. I will be returning to carry out repeat UAV surveys and resistivity surveys to identify vertical extents in March 2019.”

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

For past winners see here. Also look out for the “Geophysical Image of the Month” via Twitter @britgeophysics


How to enter!

Enter the British Geophysical Association image competition and help promote UK geophysics. The top prize is £250. Runner-up prize is £100.

Geophysics is the application of physics to study the Earth, oceans, atmosphere and near-Earth space. It is a broad subject that straddles many of the major sciences – physics, planetary science, geology, environmental science, oceanography, and meteorology. A diverse range of scientists call themselves geophysicists, including seismologists, meteorologists, glaciologists, geomagnetists and geodesists.

We are looking for dramatic geophysical fieldwork photos, spectacular images of numerical simulations, stimulating photos of laboratory experiments in progress, or even geophysical data overlays or drapes on topography or other surfaces, for example. In fact, anything with a geophysical context, but the link to geophysics must be obvious within the image itself. Generic landscape photos are ineligible.

Images must be in JPEG or JPG format. Only e-mail entries will be eligible.

Entrants must be associated with a UK institution and consent to the BGA using their image for promotional purposes, free of charge.

Please submit images by e-mail to the Competitions Officer, clearly indicating “BGA image competition” in the subject line and including in the body of the email a brief description of the image and its geophysical relevance. Entrants should be based at a UK-institution or live in the UK.

CLOSING DATE: The competition closes at midnight on the 31 August, and judging takes place at the BGA Postgraduate Research in Progress Meeting in early September.

Winning images will be posted on BGA web site and displayed in BGA publicity material.

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